connecting real people to real life


Eric & Pam Hulstrand

Eric and Pam have been in ministry together for over 20 years, serving in 2 multiple point parishes in North Dakota for 14 years and in a Minneapolis church for 6 years.  They started ReaLife Church in 2012 as a church that would be a safe place for people of any background to come with questions, hopes, doubts and dreams.  Their desire is that every life have a chance for a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  They have two college age daughters, Kaara and Leesa.

Eric’s passion is to meet people where they are at (skeptic, atheist,etc) and connect them with the love of Christ and his followers.  He loves biking, camping, the BWCA, working out, deer hunting, The Blacklist and hanging out with Pam and his 2 girls.  Eric also has a home business where he digitizes slides called MemorySaverz.

At ReaLife, Pam loves mentoring women to become all that Christ has called them to be. In addition to ReaLife, she has a separate ministry called On Bended Knee Ministries where she has a strong passion to work with couples in pre-marriage preparation and with those already married to strengthen their marriage.  Pam is also a Prepare-Enrich (marriage health tool) seminar director.  She loves long walks, hanging with family, traveling, Madame Secretary and reading.

Eric and Pam love having church at Olson Middle School.  It is their hope that people who maybe would feel awkward stepping foot in a regular church would feel more comfortable coming into the public space of a school.