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Shane and Karla Burton

Shane has been a pastor and worship leader in both established churches and church plants throughout his 25 years of ministry. For much of that time, he was a pastor in the United Methodist Church, including one church plant, but also led a Baptist congregation and a non-denominational church plant.

He has worked as a pastor, author, insurance agent, pawn broker, mortgage broker, executive director of a publishing company, supervisor in an oil refinery and editor. He currently resides in Andover, Minnesota with his beautiful wife Karla and has five children: Patrick 23, Tucker 20, Darby 17, Zander 14, and Abigail 12.

Shane loves good coffee, fine chocolate (any chocolate, for that matter), reading books, Grand Adventures, writing, editing, musical performance (drums, guitar, vocals), and composition. You will notice in church his complete inability to stand still!